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This has become something utterly different than what I intended it to be, and this section and in fact entire story has been revised uncounted times... and I truly hope that you enjoy it... feel free to sent any comments to me, I hold no hostilities towards you, as I may have in the past- after all, this is written purely on a whim... and I love it. Still, I know I could never write anything near the work of Becci or Stayka, or Jaime and Pitzy, or Leto-chan... but I will continue to write as best I can this tale which weaves itself...

Prevailing Darkness- Part 2

by Kat

A deadly cold, not that of the cave... what was this cave? Who was...? “My love...” A thin rasping sound departed from the parched throat, a cough. A voice, deep from ages of uselessness... what was this- this place? It was so frigid, dark, desolate, as the last day... he shivered, the white tunic and thin pants he was wearing proving useless against the cold of the caves; and yet the shiver that had wracked his body came more from his heart, or perhaps his very soul.

Memory... like ice, slowly melting in his mind, revealing his past...

“No!” The unused voice crackled through the air. “I don’t want it! Take the pain away! ENDYMION! Take the power! NO!” His body vibrated, a star-gate came into being. He screamed, it seemed as if a force were dragging him... he screamed again, dug his fingernails into the ground, hung on as if his life depended on it. A sound rang through the cavern, a thin empty sort of howl. Artemis stopped screaming, listened, suddenly subdued. Tears slid down his pale face, and he stepped through the black abyss into whatever hell lay beyond.

* * * * * *

Two figures in the room, sitting next to each other, captive in their own pain. Silence ruled over them in it’s miserable tyranny.

At length Usagi shifted position, putting her head on Kunzite’s chest. He started and colored, his dark complexion momentarily reddening.

“Kunzite-” She was silenced as he put a finger on her lips, slid his arm around her slender waist. For a moment she stiffened, startled, and then, embarrassed, Kunzite moved his arm and pushed her roughly off his chest.

Usagi turned to look at him, her eyes full of hurt. “Kunzite...” She whispered his name again, this time in desperation.

“No Usagi-chan. We cannot allow it...”

“I know Kunzite... I know...” She looked fierce, her mind cleared. “I want only her death now. Only that.” She stopped for a moment, her eyes blazed. “Is it such a hard request? Is it so much to ask in one’s life to have it normal and well?!” Now she was screaming. “I only wanted to be an average, foolish adolescent CHILD- I never wanted this! They can get someone else! Someone else!”

She quieted now whispering, desperate, sobbing quietly. “I wish I could never love... I wish I was a flower, emotionless, never loving-”

Kunzite stared at her, he only wanted to touch her, tell her not to cry, and her sadness consumed him. Almost unwillingly he reached out to her, held her in his arms, cradling her again. Tilting his head down, he kissed her soft lips, tasting the sweet innocence in her mouth, as his tongue penetrated; and he realized that he could only love what hate itself had delivered.

* * * * * *

Endymion lay there, his body as stiff, as if he were dead. Cold marble below him, above him, infinite darkness.

Lips pale, almost white, eyes glazed, he lay. The room was loud, animated by the sound of screams echoing off the walls, in that hellish morgue. Morgue could hardly describe that place, sickly, bodies littered on the ground, spread without care, a decaying unsightly mess.

A sound echoed through the air, halting the rest with it’s sickening sound. It seemed as if the air was splitting, being ripped from somewhere else, and then a crashing sound; a body appeared. The sound stopped, and the man on the floor groaned, and vomited loudly onto his long white hair, matted already with dried blood. He wore the remains of what had formerly been a white tunic and pants, both ripped and bloodied into indistinguishable masses. The man groaned and rolled over, vomiting again.

“Endymion...” he whispered hoarsely, staring at the platform of cold marble where the prince had been unceremoniously dumped. “My prince...” he stood up and coughed weakly. Taking slow, trembling steps he staggered over to the body, nearly falling with each step.

He reached the prince and coughed again, his lips cracking, and bleeding- stared down into the cold face- threw his body violently across Endymion’s.

“I love you” he whispered softly into the ear that was deaf to his voice. “I love you, I LOVE YOU” he sobbed, tears trickling down his face, falling onto Endymion’s. “If you died here” he whispered, “then I die here with you”.

* * * * * *

They had long since given up hope, and now sat, a clump of girls together, like a bunch of flowers, their colors contrasting horribly, emanating their own ghastly light.

Luna sat alone in a corner, a huddling mass of sunshine yellow fabric, once cheerful, now mocking. She rocked, alone in her grief. She searched herself, going over her past, letting every sin she had committed repeat again and again in her mind, hoping against everything that she would find the root of the evil now at work. Yet there was nothing, so she sat dejectedly, a beautiful daisy wilting in hell.

* * * * * *

She stood, strange and tall to all her attendants, Sphene did. She was a sort of new minion to the Dark Kingdom, and an unwilling one as well, having been pulled from her average place on earth, in her life as a highschool student with a part-time job to this dim frigid hell.

The little youma-in-training scampered around her, looking up at her with occasional grimaces, and jabbering away in their own language, trying to counter her graceful calm with a noisy disruptance.

At long last she turned toward the door, making motions to the attendants to stay in the room as she exited.

A small group of youma emerged from the jangling crowd in a great hurry, and rushed in front of her, landing in a great tangled at her feet. In chorus the half-spoke, half-shouted at her, “Queen Beryl DEMANDS that all LOWER THAN HERSELF remain in THEIR APPOINTED rooms.”

She merely glanced at them before pushing on. “Shut up and move. I can do as I please- I didn’t want to be here, and if she desires me to stay, she’ll have to accommodate me!”

A rather elongated (and very pink) youma came into her path, obscuring the way once again. “But Miss-”

“Move.” She kicked him away, pushed the elaborately adorned door open and shut it in his face. Her muffled voice could be heard saying “Good luck and good riddance” as she hurried off down the black passage.

* * * * * *

It had seemed that if he kissed her long enough it would steal the pain that she had in her heart; and yet it seemed as though her melancholia was only intensified a ten-fold by his sudden passion for her. Yet he realized that this was a good thing also, for it only strengthened his desire to protect her.

Usagi rocked on the bed, as if locked in some sort of trance, and Kunzite found himself watching, wishing he had the key to unlock her and have the satisfaction of watching that deep, bitter misery pour out of her, as water does over a broken dam. He hoped that soon she would break as a dam would, for she could not survive long in her weakened state.

“Worry not, Lady Of The Moon, I will protect you yet” he whispered, bowing.

“I prithee Kunzite, do protect me, and all that I stand for.” She held out her hand and he bent down to kiss it, and his figure went without a shadow as he did, for it was a kingdom without a sun.

* * * * * *

Sphene stood outside the wooden door, podering still the riddle which she had been given earlier.

“Two forces, two people, mono y mono, creating a chessboard world- destroyed by the rider of a black horse, in an end and a beginning, when there is Prevailing Darkness.” The thought gave her confidence, and she rapped upon the solid oak panel, three times, first two timid and the last a strong and brazn knock.

A small window opened at the top of the door, exposing only a dirty head of hair, dark in color, and fine as the finest thread.

“Good Evening” she whispered.

“Password!” the filthy hair demanded.

“In Dark Kingdom’s dawn-”


“Sweet deepness
In depths of misery-
Darkness shines.”

The door screeched open, and she darted inside, correctly anticipating the heavy thunk of the door closing just as quickly behind her. She turned to the door to see it’s keeper, and observed a lanky boy around her age standing there.

“Good evening miss. I apologize for making you rush- it’s just that we cannot trust the youma nowadays- pity” he motioned to the high window in the door “this thing was built for one.”

“Please call me Sphene.” She held out her hand for him to kiss. “And sir, your name?”


“So Talis- I was sent here by my master Kunzite; yet you must know that, for indeed, it was his password I gave you. He said you could assist me with a riddle... the riddle.”

“Oh...” Talis looked almost bored. “Simply a riddle?”

“Let me tell you, perhaps you will know... for it goes a bit like this:
Two forces, two people, mono y mono,
creating a chessboard world-
destroyed by the rider of a black
horse, in an end and a beginning,
when there is Prevailing Darkness.”

****I'm afraid that's all I have of part two... so far... but I'm typing fast, and soon more will ensue...****

give guidence to my humble tale...
tell me what *you* think of it...

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