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Note: This may seem a bit like 'Blood Moon' at the beginning, but if you keep reading it'll change drastically...

Prevailing Darkness-Prologue

by Kat

The picture frame was of pure gold, so fine that it seemed as if nothing could match it's divine beauty. Still, as Kunzite gazed down onto it he saw nothing of the lovely frame, only of the picture that was framed within. A choking sob cut through the deathly silent room, a cry of anguish and desertion.

A sound filled his head interrupting his pain, a grating voice, so insistently annoying, calling.....calling........ he tried to ignore it but it continued, growing louder and louder until he could barely stand it...

"* immediately...KUNZITE, DAMMIT REPORT NOW!*"

Kunzite growled in anger but warped dutifully to his queens throne room, an immense area, where there was no room for any other sound than the queen's voice. If other sounds had been made, her voice would have choked them as now, when Kunzite appearing before her, attempted to choke out words of apology.


"Kunzite, damn you, can't you see that Sailor Moon is going to attack?!" She screamed and cursed lividly over his montoned apologies.

"Yes my que-."

"Kunzite, I have a mission of great importance for you. I need you to bring me Prince Edymion, and I want him ALIVE! Do you understand?"

"Yes my queen. Consider it done." Kunzite spoke flatly, but inside his heart flared. He hated the woman to whom he bowed, the woman who had killed his lover and cursed inwardly that he could do nothing about it.

* * * * * * *

"Usagi-chan, how many more of those donuts are you going to stuff down?!",Luna scolded-it was more a teasing than anything else; she knew her charge would never listen when it came to food.

"Quite Luna! I can have as many as I want", Usagi mumbled through the donut she had in her mouth. "And anyway, I saw you stuffing down cake last week! Practice what you preach! I'm tired of putting up with the constant critism! People in galss houses shouldn't throw stones! After all..."

She paused to stuff another donut in her mouth, and appeared to be about to go on when she stopped suddenly, the box of donuts falling discarded onto the hard pavement, scattering unheeded on the cold gray pavement. Usagi herself lay, in a tight ball, like a crumpled piece of paper, motionless, blue eyes wide, unseeing. She clutched the air fervently for something only she could see, her breath rasping in her chest.

"Usagi-chan!", Ami cried. She stood aghast for half a second, biting her lip; she looked at Usagi again, scrunched her eyes shut, stared again.

"Usagi, Usagi-chan, what's wrong?" Minako crooned into her ear, brushing the tears from Usagi's face.

"It-it's Edymion", she choked. "He's...dead-oh god he's dead!" She gave another sob and buring her face in Minako's navy skirt, the starched pleats pressing against her face. Rei simply gazed at her friend, eyes glazing over. Her lips moved, forming the words that no one else could hear; no. Silently she screamed those words.

"And she will kill us all given the chance!", Usagi cried out suddenly, hate surging through her body. "She killed him because-", her eyes widened with sickening knowledge, "because he loved me. She lusted for him; but he loved me." She buckled, and her limp body collapsed on the ground.

"Dead..." Rei whispered. She gave an insane laugh, so torn and mirthless that everyone else was shaken out of their grief for a moment, to turn and stare at her. "He's dead."

* * * * * *

Orders completed. He felt like a machine, a worthless machine which had no purpose than to serve. he was violated; she knew everything about him. Except his hate- she did not know his intense hate, which fuled him to continue to work for her day by day, simply because it gave him more time. he gave her everything she wanted- and now she had Endymion. The ultimate toy... "Kunzite! KUNZITE! Are you listening to me?!"

"My queen-" "You have done well Kunzite; but you have not done all."

"Gomen nasaii-"

"So you are worthless at the moment!"

"My Queen! I-" He jumped to protest, to at least finish a sentence.

"Well, forget that now, we must erase all Endymions' thoughts, his memories..." She smiled cruelly. "He will be my slave. Now, quickly, put him in the machine, before he awakens!" The throne room pulsed and shook with the tremor of her voice.

"Yes my queen!", Kunzite hurried to agree. The more obedient he seemed, the better. Forget his lost words for now.

"Stop just standing there you idiot!", Beryl screamed. Then, with a disgusted mutter of annoyance, she picked up Edymion and walked carefully over to the pulsing machine. She shrieked with annoyance. he had stirred

* * * * * * *

Mamoru felt pleasently drowsy. He snuggled against the soft hot body that was holding him; there was a sensation in his back- perhaps a womans' hands caressing it- and the a burning pain coursing down his back as her claw-like fingernails dug into it; he screamed with agony. He could fell blood running down his skin from the open wounds that the claws had created.

"Hush, hush, my prince". A voice like paper burning crooned, and he felt a mouth press against his, a mouth that held a kiss of venom and longing and lust. He hated that mouth, with it's crimson lips, its' snake-like tongue, shooting venom and hatred into his own mouth. he despised the woman, shunned her...his hand flew up and roughly slapped the face he knew so well away from him. He knew the passion behind that kiss and he rejected it.

"Beryl! Vicious hell-born creature, you couldn't stand to see me with the princess could you! You always wanted me, but you won't have me. I will never love you!" He licked the side of her face, mocking her.

She swooned, the simple act overpowering her with lust for a moment. Then anger overrid everything, a surge of hate and betrayal poisioned her thoughts. Her love was daunted, and she hated him for mocking her. She slapped his face, tore at it with her nails. "I want you to feel the pain I feel now" she whispered, jarring her talons into his side. "I want you to bleed as my heart bleeds. You will die for that!"

She drew a dagger from within her dress,and poised it over him. "I love you darling" she whispered, and thrust into his chest.

* * * * * * *

Kunzite watched the prince's lifeless body being hoisted out of the room. Five youma carried him in a careless procession. Endymion's face was covered with blood, yet it maintained a cold beauty that it had always held. Kunzite's eyes widened. Had he just seen that, or was it his twisted imagination playing tricks on him? No, he could have sworn that...there it went again. The prince's fingers had moved! He was sure off it! However, this might help him later, and he certainly wasn't going to tell his queen. Keeping on her good side was one thing... and he didn't want this Endymion getting in the way...

* * * * * * *

"REI!", Makoto screamed. "REI, WAKE UP!"

Rei opened her eyes to find herself on the temple floor, laying on a tatami, surrounded by her friends and guardians.

"Rei, your awake! You gave me such a fright!", Minako cried, throwing her arms around the raven-haired girl in an embrace so warm it made Rei began sobbing once more.

"G-gomen nasai, minna", Rei coughed. She sat up slowly, acknowledging that her back was stiff and her muscles sore. Looking upon her arms and legs she found numerous dark bruises covering them.

"Gomen, Rei. We had to carry you all the way here, and your not exactly light", Makoto stated bluntly.

"Hey!", Rei cried, apparently annoyed at the little crack. The other girls burst into a fit of laughter, all politely attempting to make it appear as if they were just having a fit of coughing. Rei stared at them for a moment, warily, quickly registering their faces. Minako, looking sweet and innocent as always, despite ordeal; Makoto strong, proud but now smiling and biting her lip, trying to keep from laughing; Ami, looking concerbed, but amused. The cats both looking jolly enough; everyone was fine, except for one person... Rei blinked.

"Where's' Usagi?"

The laughter stopped abruptly, replaced by a dead silence that filled the room, heavy and thick.

"Damn!', Luna cried out.

Everyone in the room stared at Luna, not so much responding to her language as to the fact that she had dared speak at all.

"Gomen minna, but I think I know where Usagi is! Earlier I told her what I was going to tell you when we got here! Artemis and I found a portal to the Dark Kingdom behind the arcade!"

"Behind the arcade? But-", Makoto broke off looking confused.

"So, Ami said, "you think that Usagi has gone there? Why?"

"She's a real mess", Rei summed, "If Edymion were my Prince I'd go kick the ass of whoever messed with him too!"

"Then, you mean-", Minako stopped and gasped as sudden realization hit.

"Yes." Luna, sucked in a breath, "I think that she's gone into the Dark Kingdom alone and-"

"Oh hell!"

"Look! She left all of her things here."

In a corner of the room lay all of Sailor Moon's magical gadgets. Her moon stick lay on top of a pile. The only thing that wasn't there was her disguise pen. "Well, what are we waiting for?! We have to go after her!"


"Venus Power!"

"Jupiter Power!"

"Mars Power!"

"Mercury Power!"

"Scout Power!"

*End Prevailing Darkness Prologue*

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