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A note-
   I began wrote this story on a whim. I all started because although
I searched and searched, (okay, so I didn't look that hard), I couldn't
find any *serious* fanfiction on Jadeite. When I did find things with 
him, he was always a side character, an annoyance, or an idiot. I kept
thinking, that there should be a story about him, something that gave
him a really main part in a story, and a serious one too. So guess what
I did.....


	This is set right at after Jadeite tries to runs the three Senshi over with several
Jumbo Jets... and the impact that Jadeite’s death has on Usagi.... thanks to all fanfic
writers on becci and Jaime’s pages.... special thanks Jessa, all you’re work is sooo good.
You can flame me if you want, ‘cause this is one of my first attempts at fanfiction, and my
first attempt at fanfiction about Jedite...... comments, flames, and mean insults welcome.
Send them to:

	The area was silent... unsettlingly silent. The three
Senshi crept along, Sailor Moon leading them, Mercury
lagging at the back of the group, frantically punching the
keys on her tiny computer. They all remained quite, and
tiptoed along the lighted corridors as if there was a giant
beast sleeping in one, and they did not want to make any
sounds, for fear of waking it. For some time they walked
about the station in anticipation of attack, but as time
passed nothing happened to make them any the more
	“Perhaps I should check the area again with my
computer”, Sailor Mercury suggested doubtfully, glancing
around the empty airport with a look of vague annoyance. The
other two scouts jumped, not having heard a voice for
several minutes.	
	“Yes, why don’t you?” Sailor Moon yawned staring
absently around her. “If nothing’s here then we can just
assume that Jadeite decided we weren’t worth coming, and we
can go home.”
	“We can’t just leave Usagi-chan! What are you baka?!
Wait, don’t answer that.”
	“Shut up Rei! I just want to get home so Luna won’t
	Rei scoffed at this, but bit back another scalding
remark. Instead she just stuck out her tongue and turned
back to Sailor mercury’s computer.
	“Guys I’m not getting any readings- wait! There seems
to be an energy concentra-” Her words were cut off by a
jolting sound of the air being ripped open sound which was
quickly followed a bout of malevolent laughter. Sailor moon
swung around, and got blasted full in the face. Coughing,
piteously she collapsed on the ground. A steady stream of
crimson blood spurted from her chest, and she began spitting
up large gouts of blood. Jadeite ignoring the gore, stood
behind her, and with great effort lifted her limp body into
his arms.
	“Stop Jadeite! I am Tuxedo-” A blast sent Tuxedo Kamen
into the wall, doubling over in pain, blood spurting from a
gash in his neck.
	“Tuxedo Kamen!” The mask on his face fluttered to the
floor. Sailor Mars gasped. The blood covered face, broken
body and tousled hair were possession of someone so familiar
to her...“Mamo-chan!”
	A whirl could be heard, and a warp hole appeared in
front of Jedite. He stepped into it’s black abyss, still
clutching the lifeless Sailor Moon.
	“Damn you, Jadeite! DAMN YOU!” Mercury screamed,
flinging her body at the warp whole, hand grasping the air
that had held Jadeite, seconds too late. Her body lay broken
on the ground, but she mustered enough strength to throw at
him some parting words. “I hope your ashes burn in hell!
Damn you Jadeite!”
	“Go to hell Mercury”,  he snarled, and he was gone. A
silence consumed the room, permeating it forever with the
smell of blood, and the putrid stench of death.

	*		*		*		*		*		*

	Jadeite stalked about his room restlessly. He had done
all he could for Sailor Moon’s wounds, and now could do
nothing but wait. He had made sure to hide all her little
tools. Her tiara and disguise pen he had quickly shoved
under the mattress of the bed she occupied. 
	He had left her brooch, so that she could transform
back to her human identity. 
	Now he glanced at her carefully. She was rather pretty,
he thought, with that soft face, blond hair framing it so
nicely. She looked almost like- he cut off his thought,
flinging it hatefully out of his mind. Not her, Sailor
	Sailor Moon stirred restlessly and then allowed her
eyes to flutter open. Yelping she jumped out of the bed and
letting her eyes focusing on Jadeite she demanded “Jadeite!
You-” she broke off, noticing the bandages, one wrapping
around her leg, the other secured tightly around her chest.
“Nanii? What’s going on?” She turned inquisitive eyes to
	“Ah-princess you are awake.” 
	“Wha- princess? Where am I? Why aren’t you trying to
kill me or...” 
	“I see you haven’t recovered your memory yet.” He
crossed the room, gray shoes clicking against the cold
marble floor. Advancing on her he raised his hand as if to
slap her, drawing it up, he let it swing down... gasping she
closed her eyes, anticipating the sting of his slap...
opened them to see his hand poised before her face, only
inches from it. Instead of slapping her he brought his hand
up to her hair, caressing it, silky strands running over his
long bony fingers. 
	Slowly, gently he began unwrapping her hair, so
tenderly that she could not bear tell him to stop, could
only stare at him in utter confusion. He smiled as her
golden locks of hair trailed onto the floor, a flood of
sunlight in the dead room. Ever so gently he put his arms
around her slender waist, and in a bitter voice said quietly
“Soon you will remember everything princess. Everything.” He
smiled, a dull smile, a smile of having nothing left, of
being utterly alone. Ever so carefully took her arms and put
them around his waist, placing his back around her waist.
Slowly, painstakingly, he lowered his head, and looked into
her eyes. 
	“You are no longer lonely either, princess. Now you
have me.” His eyes were so sad, so pained, he was so alone,
she couldn’t hate him. She wanted to assure him, take that
look from his face, console him forever. His loneliness
consumed her mind, her heart, her soul.
	“Not alone anymore, Jadeite. I won’t let you be alone.”
His face came close, and she tilted her chin up, so that
their lips could touch. 
	The kiss was soft and careful, their lips parted and
they met again, this time in a deep kiss, one of burning
passion. They broke away from their hold only long enough
for Jedite to undo the bow that held her brooch and the
front of her fuku hung open.Carefully he eased out of his
gray jacket and black undershirt that had covered his chest.
They moved together onto the bed, entwined around each

*		*		*		*		*		*		

	****Body laying limp on a bed, a man, whispering in her
ear... “Princess, love, don’t cry, I am yours, yours
forever, I love you...” now he had blond hair, now black as
night, his eyes shifting, warm light blue, cold piercing
dark blue...****

*		*		*		*		*		*		
	“No longer will you be alone Jadeite. You are part of
me now. You were always part of me. I remember.” She touched
his face, and noticed a tear trickling down it. Desperately
she searched his eyes, pleading for his forgiveness. “No
Jadeite. Forget all of that, please forget! I love you, that
is all that matters.”
	“She has my soul”, he sobbed. “She will never let you,
she wants us to be lonely, she wants our vengeful lives.” He
moved off her, and ponderously across the room, arms wrapped
around his bare chest. “Usako, please, leave me. Desert me
as I have always been deserted. You cannot love me. You
should love another, love someone else. Love someone with a
soul!” He turned on her and whispered bitterly “Love
	“Endymion.” her face grew pale. “Tuxedo Kamen...
	“I see.” His fists clenched at his sides, he spat the
words at her, used them like spears, threw them at her, hurt
	“No Jadeite, please! I will die here for you, rather
than ever love someone else. I will make it so!” She jumped
from the bed, blond hair streaming behind her, a cascade of
sunlight flowing along her back. Angrily, she took a sword
hanging over the bed and, in her madness, held it to her
chest. “I see, you do not love me anymore!” With a swift
movement she thrust the sword into the already deep wound on
her chest, and collapsed on the floor, a puddle of dark
blood spreading around her limp corpse.
	“No! Usako! No!” Jadeite took the handle of the sword
and pulled it’s stained blade from her chest. “ Please
Usako, do not destroy me like this!”
	“Jadeite, I must. If I am abandoned from your love then
I am forever alone, forever hoping for you, forever wishing.
I cannot bear to destroy you, and so I must destroy myself!
I cannot live in exile from your love.”	
	“Then I will not live, Usako! I will die with you!”
Jadeite held the sword in the light for a moments, then
brandishing it savagely, thrust it into his heart. “Usako...
I love you... princess.”

	*		*		*		*		*		*

	Usagi sat up in bed, gasping for breath. That dream...
Jadeite... they had defeated him, just this night, he had
left, yet somehow he was alive, he was punished... she
buried her face in her hands. “Jadeite, love, what have I

*End ‘Lies’ Prologue*   

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